Wijze les van onze voorouders, voel en ervaar.

”Believe in the beauty and strength of your own being.

Live a life of truth and honesty. This makes you a person of quality and dignity. Truth and honesty are the kind of leadership qualities that attracts others.

Give honor and respect to others regardless of age or situation in life. This quality makes you and others worthy of honor and respect, which makes others, feel worthwhile and fulfilled. Honor and respect empowers others so they can win the day. They will return it to you fourfold.

Honor the earth and all that exists. Be strong in this belief and practice it throughout your life because it makes for a world of kindness that binds all the good things of life together in a circle of harmony.

Be humble but not timid. To be humble is to connect yourself to the stars and the entire universe and makes you aware there is something unique about life that is to be enjoyed without fear. We are a people from the stars and because of it we sacred.

Help others realize that life is a dream . . . . a beautiful dream. Dreamers are the butterflies of life that help others realize their dreams.

Be humorous and help others enjoy life and the life of others. Humor makes the leader attractive. The humorous person has many guests and the one who is invited everywhere because of the joy they bring to the gathering.

Never be afraid to talk matters over with those who disagree with you or with those you love. The gift of language is a miracle and it is meant to be used to live a life of harmony, joy, love and respect. Use it well and use it often.

What is described here is leadership in the broadest sense. These are the qualities that make for a great father, great grandmother, lover, teacher, traditional leader, friend, and a great human being. Best of all you can add to this list.
In honor and respect.”

Bear Chief – Mistahi-maskwa

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