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The butterfly is one of the few totem animals that represent personal transformation. When you see a butterfly, reflect on what it takes in your life or behavior to change or transform to what your need is and where your desire lies.

Perhaps this butterfly gives you a clue to be aware of your own growth and development, as well as to see the beauty of life. An important message transmitted through the spirit of the butterfly is about the ability to make important developments with gratitude and gentleness. Quickly discover what the spiritual meaning of a butterfly can mean for you.

What is the butterfly’s spiritual meaning

When it crosses your path, what is the spiritual meaning of the butterfly? Mainly, the butterfly has been associated with the symbolism of change and transformation.

Powerful transformation, change in your life, personality
Development of different life cycles
Renewal, rebirth
Playfulness, softness in yourself
Elevation of the earthly, attunement to emotional or spiritual matters
The world of the soul, the psyche….
Second, the butterfly is about finding meaning in life and being more aware about yourself.

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What does a butterfly want to show and tell

You are a person who often has no opinion of your own, you do what someone else says or expects of you. You are a pleasure and do what others say or fear what they will think of you. In short, you surround yourself with negative energy and your environment in which you live is full of negativity. Your behavior shows insecurity or you manage to disguise it by playing the clown. Conclusion: the bottom line is that you are not yourself.

Until something happens that changes: you find yourself in a threatening situation, your life changes 180 degrees or you have to say goodbye to someone you love very much. You find yourself in a situation that requires you to reflect on your life. By listening carefully and taking a moment for yourself, you come to the conclusion that there is only one person you can listen to and that is yourself. It is about your feelings and love for yourself. You learn to appreciate yourself. You start living from your soul. You simply become a different person, YOURSELF. You become a person with self-esteem, confidence and you grow into a stable personality.

You are learning to play in the light. So you learn to share in the light. Because you’ve learned to love yourself you are also able to love others, to share your love. You learn to know unconditional love. You enter into relationships and friendships based on equality. You will no longer live by what someone else thinks, feels or thinks. You are a butterfly. You are transformed from negative to positive and keep changing and walking life’s path. Live and play with life, play with the light….

A butterfly is the symbol of man’s spiritual transformation. On the plane of existence, when the little animal crawls across Mother Earth in the form of a caterpillar, it sees only what is right in front of its nose. Then a time arrives in its development when it wraps itself in a little cocoon and enters the darkness. In this darkness everything is completely broken down. During this time a great change takes place within the butterfly.

This darkness is necessary to experience spiritual transformation. At some point in the darkness, the caterpillar has become a butterfly. Inside the cocoon he can move and give signs of life again, but he does not break out of the cocoon until he is ready.

Finally, in this world, in this life, he emerges as a beautiful creature. Yet he does not fly away immediately. He sits there as if reconnecting with the elements of life: water, air, fire and earth. Then there is a moment when his wings begin to flutter and move. The butterfly develops strength within itself by using these elements of life. When the moment comes for the butterfly to fly, he suddenly sees the world from a different point of view, a point of view that offers greater beauty and a very much broader view of the world.

This totem animal as a butterfly symbolizes joy and security….

If the butterfly appears in your life as a guide or totem animal, it may indicate to look at a conflict situation from different perspectives and with no judgment. In fact, the totem animal symbolizes the gentleness of being and end of a stressful period.

So this totem animal invites anyone with a connection to it to bring fun and companionship into their lives. Butterflies often have bright colors. Therefore, they are associated what is experienced with life force and purity. The message of this totem animal is to add more color to your life. Maybe it is time to express yourself better and show your colorful personality.

About the butterfly and the soul world

Around the world, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul or soul world in many traditions. For example, in Chinese symbolism, it can represent immortality. For the Japanese, a white butterfly symbolizes the soul of the deceased.

For the ancient Greek, butterflies represent the spirit or soul and its attribute of immortality.

Calling the butterfly animal totem for support

It is a powerful animal to invoke when you need support in times of change, whether at work, in a relationship, or if you are working on consciousness from within. This butterfly is a great help in intensive personal transformation, bringing more peace and freedom to the process.

It inspires you to bring more color into your life and feel a little less everything heavy. For those who have the butterfly as their totem animal, they may be naturally inclined to speak out more quickly. In their surroundings bring more joy and sociability.

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Sweet dreams about butterflies

In dreaming, our soul is communicating with us through symbols. The classic meaning of a butterfly in your dreams is that of transformation. So did the dream begin with a caterpillar, a cocoon or a butterfly? A key behind the meaning of transformation depends on what stage of life the butterfly is in. With the idea of transformation comes rebirth and transmutation of energy. Also, the butterfly can symbolize freedom, growth and independence. Finally, the butterfly can signify social success.

The meaning of a white butterfly

When you see a white butterfly flying or sitting nearby. Then when you see one, know that it is time to continue to “grow” and “transform.”

You may be here because you see white butterflies all the time? Or that you are wondering what the “white” butterfly actually means spiritually? First, let me say this: seeing a white butterfly is a positive omen. No matter which one you saw in your dream or in real life indicates that you will overcome barriers.

This white butterfly is unique because it is associated with purity, peace, richness in life and spiritual connections. The white butterfly indicates the moon, in that the goddess of the moon will visit you, especially if the butterfly has landed on you it gives as a sign – transformation, peace and being able to communicate better.

From a spiritual point of view, seeing a white butterfly is a spiritual sign. As I said, the white butterfly is believed (in the spiritual world) to be a sign of the soul of someone who has died. Seeing a white butterfly is a clear indication that the spiritual world has a message for you and so you should pay close attention to it so that you can receive and use the message. The spirituality of the white butterfly depends on where it is seen.

Does the butterfly represent your totem animal?

Share your ideas, experiences or tips about the butterfly or as a totem animal in the comments box below.

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